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Brimark & The Environment

During 2011 it became apparent that something was happening with the climate, global floods were on the news almost daily. This was brought closer to home in early 2014 by the catastrophic weather that hit the UK.

In 2011 the management of the company decided to do their little bit for the environment. As a company committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, using less energy and lowering our consumption of resources will always be an important focus of what we do as a company committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing. So we started to look at our ‘carbon footprint’. It became apparent that the biggest footprint of all was our factory. A beautiful old former Victorian dye works in the centre of Oxton Conservation Village.

An action plan was formulated our initial EPC survey was G!!!. So in late 2011 we put our plan into action. We installed a complete new set of double glazed, sound proofed, windows in our factory. Our standard lighting was retrofitted with low energy consumption LED lighting and staff where made aware of the classic phrase ‘Please turn off the lights’.

What immediately became apparent were the savings we started to see in our utility bills and how much warmer and less drafty the whole building became. Next on the list were Solar panels on our rather large roof, Solar panels are a great way to use sustainable, natural resources to create energy. Surveys indicated that we could facilitate a 10kw array, we did not hesitate in making the decision to install the system and we had it fitted in the summer of 2013.

We immediately benefited from a massive saving in our electricity bill as we consumed our own electricity rather than that of the grids.

At this point our EPC rating had dramatically improved to a ‘C’ no mean feat for such a large old building.
However, it was decided from an environmental standpoint we needed to go further so in January 2014 we signed a deal with Ecotricity to supply all of our electrical power. This now means that all the electricity we use comes from renewable energy supplies and at last as a manufacturer we feel we are giving something back.

Our Enviromental work has not stopped there. 95% of our general waste is recycled and 99% of our plastic waste is again recycled. In 2013 we won a silver award for recycling after a Wirral Borough Council assessment. We have assisted West Kirby Grammar School For Girls with waste materials that they have been able to use within their Design Technology Department. We recycle all of our empty ink cartridges with the ‘Let’s Do More Scheme’ and work with other local businesses in the community to recycle packaging materials wherever possible.

We are also a member of the May Day Network which is a community of UK businesses committed to action on climate change and resource depletion, see for more details.

As a company we are acutely aware of our impact on the environment and are constantly looking at other ways we can implement further changes that will benefit the environment, for us it is an ongoing and evolving process that will not stop and in 2014/15 we are committed to achieving our goal of ISO 14001 accreditation.

If you have any collaborative ideas on how we can work together to reduce our environmental impact we will be only too pleased to discuss your ideas.